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Figs jam

Figs jam emerged thinking of an energetic and healthy breakfast. The amazing is when it comes to the table and turns into the ideal complement to consume with cheese, as a dietary supplement for puff pastry pies, with hot dogs and minced fried potatoes. On the table, it offers a huge use included in canapés and dried fruts desserts.

Restaurateurs and pastru making professionals get the most delightful senses surprising guests and diners with their genius got from figs jamin sauces, desserts and appetizers which are original and unique.

Fig jam with chocolate

Fig jam with chocolate emerged to move close to the young generations with a very beneficial frut and good for their healthy as well as, a very energetic contribution to face the everyday challenges of a young student, sporty people and elder people who need of this energetic reserves to improve their everyday activities.

The same as fig jam, offers solutions who make breakfast, desserts and snacks easier.

Apart from original combinations that will break the every dayrutine, discovering new flavours with plenty of possibilities.

Higoji sauce

To discover the benefits that this sauce provides, will cause an inmense work.

By the time of choosing a name, the most suitable was “Pharaoh’s sauce”, the Pharaohs when they died, they got the best with them to their tombs, to enjoy with God, and this could be the case of HIGOJI sauce.

The benefits of Arroyomolino’s figs, together with the benefits of goji’s from Nepal and its natural components that included in this sauce make that the mixture of flavours transform pizzas, hamburguers, roast meat, hot dogs and all the thinkable in something different and unique.

Higos En Almíbar

Mermelada De Higo Al Cava